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Dogs are a very common member of most households. Man has kept dogs as pets, as guides and guards for as long as one can remember. Food is a very important part of every living thing and getting the right nutrition in the right proportion is necessary for a healthy and disease free dog life.

Every dog owner should be very aware of what to feed their pet for it to develop and grow without issues. There are many ways to feed your pet; It could be with homemade dog food which you prepare yourself, or it could be food bought from the store. There are many different brand s of dog food and different categories, but it is broadly divided into two main types, dry dog food and wet dog food. The one you decide to go with could be a matter of your preference or your dog’s preference in terms of taste.
Dog food preference is solidly divided along the lines of dry and wet. Most people prefer dry food for a whole lot of reasons; some will argue that it is good for the dog’s teeth and also contains a balanced diet compared to wet dog food. Some believe that there are not enough roughage in tinned dog food and therefore not very ideal. But, when you read the container or the can it always shows it contain a balanced diet. I think a good position to take is variety. Some dry food here and some wet food here.
As you feed your dog whether it is dry or wet food, it is a good idea to gradually introduce some raw meaty bones. It is a natural way for the dog to get some tooth care and also provides some positive benefits. A raw bone meal once a week will be a good addition to your dog’s diet.

Another thing to consider when feeding your dog is the size of the dog. For example the amount of food an Alsatian gets and a bull dog get are different and you should pay close attention to that. How much food the dog eats should be closely tied in to exercise. You do not want an overweight dog, nor do you want a dog that will develop health issues from the diet they are on. Always make sure that your dog gets enough exercise to help boost their metabolism.

Dog food could be expensive in the long run. A good way to save and at the same time provide your dog a healthy balanced diet is to prepare the dog food yourself. You should also know everything there is concerning your breed of dog and the type of health issues and food allergies they could be prone to. Have more than a layman’s knowledge concerning canned food and dried food. Most of all, dogs cannot brush their teeth the way we do, so the food they eat could influence their dental hygiene.

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